Thursday, February 6, 2014

Half way there!

I really meant to take weekly pictures. I even planned to pose with my weekly fruit. I bought the fruit one week (a lime) then I was making tacos and used it. Then it took us 20 minutes to get a shot I liked at week 15. I forgot about the onion when I was at the store, and I don't like sweet potatoes. I had planned to do it again this week (#19), but mangoes are expensive in February in Oregon. So I got some frozen ones and made a smoothie. I hope this doesn't reflect on my future momness.

Probably the most common question I get since finding out, is "how are you feeling?" Honestly, I have felt really good. There were 3 nights where I told Craig that my "tum hurts." But I think I just wanted him to bring me some tea. Really the first trimester was a breeze for me. Yes, I was super tired. I would come home and take a nap, and then wake up for dinner, then go to bed around 8:30 or so. With everything that happened with Craig's mom, I was obviously emotional. But I do admit to crying at an episode of Dogs 101. And two episodes of Parks and Rec.

The Friday before Superbowl we got a text that Craig's uncle was hosting a party and Grandma was making enchiladas. These things are fantastic, and she hasn't made them in quite awhile so nothing was stopping us from being there. Grandpa's brother came up to me and said my face "looks nice and skinny and most ladies get pregnant in their face and get all the chins." (there may have been a little lost in his translation, but I'm pretty sure that is exactly what he meant.) Then one of Craig's aunts said my belly looked nice and small and cute. She asked me to remind her how far along I was, when I told her about 4.5 months, she said "Oh, I didn't get that big until 6 months." At least my face isn't pregnant with all the chins.

Probably the most exciting part so far has been our two ultrasounds. We had a pretty in depth one at 12 weeks to rule some stuff out (everything looked good) and it was so neat to see it actually look like something. Yesterday we had our second one. And this one was the biggie. For most of the pregnancy I have had a feeling little one was a boy. Mostly because of the old wives tale that says no morning sickness=boy. Then one day about a week or so ago I was driving home from work and out of no where I got this overwhelming feeling that it was a girl. Craig and I have talked about names for both boys and girls, we have a couple girls names we like but are far from agreeing on a boys name. Then we hear this yesterday:
I told Craig that now we need to settle on a girl's name. He said, "we did ___________." (I think I am going to wait a bit to share our choice with everyone. I mean... I want to make sure that's what it is before I start getting monogrammed blankets and things.)

Welp, I think that's about it for now! I am off work today on an unexpected snow day. So weird for us to have a snow day in February.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quotes from my classroom

It is the end of the semester at school. My students are busy finishing up two large projects, so there is a lot of work time and not much "teaching" from me. I thought this is a good time to share a collection of what my students have been talking about among themselves.

"Twerking is my passion."~ I'm pretty sure she was joking. But she said it with such a straight face that I am not quite sure.

"Rumors are like farts. They spread around fast and no one likes them."~ This was the slogan one group came up with for their anti-bullying campaign. Here is the video that they made if you want to check it out. (they are all published to youtube, this one is just my favorite)

"Mrs. C, my Hulk strength keeps breaking these hole punchers." (seriously, this kid broke two of them in a row. I don't really understand how.

The school needed these sets of laminated cards sorted, organized, hole punched and put onto rings. There were over 100 sets that needed to be put together. My leadership kids are usually asked to do stuff like this, I mean 28 kids can do stuff like this way faster than one or two adults, or students aides. I told them it was a race to see which group could make the most. One super competitive girl was taking charge in her table when I over heard this (K is a boy, M is the girl):
K: My thumbs are starting to hurt. (he was opening and closing the rings)
M: K-you are slacking on your job! Keep going!
K: I think they are swelling.
M: You want to win don't you? Suck it up!
There was no prize for the first place team.

"Do you like my uterus? There's a baby in it."~ She was drawing a picture for her alphabet book they are creating.

"Can I live tweet your class today? I want to get you trending on twitter."

"I've never kissed a boy, but I'm not scared. I know I will be good at it." ~ This makes me happy. We have an 8th grade girl at the school who is pregnant, so I am always happy when I hear the more innocent ones.

"Mrs. C, do you have road flares or an orange cone in your car?"
"No A, I do not."
"If you get in a car crash, you are pretty much dead with out those things."
His end of the year speech was on what to do in a car crash. Apparently I can't survive without those.

"In conclusion, you need to have a spare tire, a cell phone and a screwdriver in your car in case of emergencies."~ This student's speech was on what happens after you get your drivers license. I had no idea how crucial a screwdriver was.

Me- "I'm pretty sure I spelled license wrong. I always do. How is it spelled?" (Seriously, I cannot spell that word without spell check or looking it up. Even here I get the red squiggly line under it.)
A- "Don't forget the silent Q at the end."

Student- "Mrs. C, does this drawing look like Drake or Jesus?"
Me- "Um... Honestly I don't know what Drake looks like, but that drawing kind of looks like the pictures of Jesus at church."
Student- "Hmm... well I love Drake and Jesus, so I guess it's okay."

I can see how those two might get confused. :)

There has also been rumors floating around school about me being pregnant. I already decided that I am not going to do a big announcement for my classes about it, I mean, they'll figure it out eventually right? But, I also decided that I won't lie if a kid asks me. So far one girl has asked, but no one else has. I have had a few kids come up to me and say " I have a question for you." When I ask what it is, they get all giggly and say never mind. 

I love that I have a job that makes me laugh everyday. What is the best part of your job??

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reverse bucket list

Disclaimer: Rachel did this post first. I thought it was genius. So I thought I would try it out.

With all the focus this time of year on what we want to accomplish, sometimes I think we tend to forget about the cool things we have already done. Obviously I am not trying to brag or say how great my life has been, this has just been a good reminder that I have done some pretty amazing things.

In no particular order: things I can cross off my bucket list.
1. Get a Masters Degree.

2. Marry an amazing guy.

3. Run a marathon.
4. Go to Hawaii.

5. Hike a volcano
It was super windy on top of the volcano. And super foggy :(

6. Travel by myself in a foreign country.
**I actually got pretty lost in Germany. There were two other Americans on the same train I was on that were also lost. Turns out they were from my home town and we knew some of the same people. Small world!
7. Bungee Jump
8. Buy a house.
9. Go to the World Cup
Germany 2006

10. Visit a concentration camp

11. Vegas at Christmas time

12. Hike in the Grand Canyon
13. Hitchhike
14. Snorkel
15. Have a career that I love and that makes a difference
16. Set a high score on an arcade game
17. Adopt a pet from a shelter (two of them actually!)

18. Be snowed in.
19. Pay off my student loans :)
**I just sent off the last payment this week. Good riddance Sallie Mae!

What can you cross off your bucket list?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bring 2014

There are two big trends I see happening in blog world right now. The first one is the  year-end review. I do enjoy reading those posts, and I did it last year. I really liked writing that post too. I wasn't the most consistent at keeping up with my blog this year, and that makes the year end post much more difficult to write. The other thing I am seeing is people choosing a word for the year. I like this idea. I have been trying to think of my own word since I first saw these posts about a week and a half ago. Each new post I read makes me go "darn! Why didn't I think of that word?" One of these words I read has stuck with me now for almost a week. So I am also going to adopt it as my word for the year.
I really don't remember who picked this first. Was it you?
I have never done well with change. I like routine. For the last couple of years we have had some major life changes. Some of them are not so great. In fact, many of them haven't been. But we have an amazing change coming up for our family, and with that will be a change in our routines. I know that I need to and should embrace those changes. But I also want to embrace the time that Craig and I have as just our own little family of two.

Are you coming up with a word for the year? How do you deal with change?